*Note: While I often focus on nature connection, I also have experience presenting on topics including (but not limited to) general mental health/therapy information, Autism, ADHD, and giftedness. Please inquire with your specific ideas. 


Consultation Group for Nature-Based therapists

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My offerings are expanding. Additional possibilities include:


Presentations / Workshops

Because each experience can vary greatly, these rates are to provide a general idea of costs. Please contact me with your proposal for a fee estimate.

$200/hour for face-to-face presentation time

$100/hour preparation (typically 2-3x the number of hours I'll be presenting; e.g., a 2 hour presentation may include 4-6 hours of coordination & preparation) *

*Discounts AvailableIf you pick a ready-made presentation or workshop (see below), preparation fees are waived. Sometimes other discounts can be offered, such as a discount for multiple bookings. 

$1/mile for travel

Consultation Group



Promoting Resilience through Nature-Based Interventions

Bringing Nature into the Classroom: Enhance Mental Health & Support Learning 

Bringing the Classroom to Nature: Connecting Students and Creating Nature-Based Lesson Plans
*this is recommended as "part 2" of Brining Nature into the Classroom

Connecting Children with Nature to Foster Well-Being
*Teen version also available!

Autism in the ​Adolescent:  Identifying common traits, co-occurring concerns, and accommodations

Therapy Requests 

I am currently employed as a Licensed Psychologist at CARE Counseling in Mendota Heights. Therefore, I am not currently offering individual or group therapy through Nurture through Nature. People interested in receiving individual telehealth therapy from me can call CARE Counseling (612-223-8898) (see my profile).